Teaching Philosophy


A faculty member must continuously modify, improve, and personalize ways to connect with and motivate his/her students. It is critical to understand the diversity among students and be concurrent with how they experience and process information.


The exchange between faculty and student should be reciprocal and constantly seek connections between learning and knowledge. One must be flexible and versatile insuring inclusion in the learning process while structuring innovative material in a clear and motivational manner.


A successful faculty member must possess a thorough and contemporary understanding of their field and the instruction that can enhance learning. Remaining current, engaged in fieldwork, involvement with the local community are essential for a faculty’s success.


It is critical to have a comprehensive awareness of the latest trends, techniques and technologies while emphasizing the development of traditional craft skills and methods. Technology is essential for art and design execution; however, it must be utilized as a tool—not a solution.


Observation, research, and writing are among the most important competencies that a student can develop. Together with studies in foundations, drawing, literature, current affairs, and history are at the core of properly preparing students to engage in creative, critical thinking.


The educational path for an artist, business entrepreneur, and designer should be integrated. It is vital to remove the walls in a learning environment and embrace collaboration. Design skills can improve the artist while the skills of business major will strengthen the designer’s solutions.


In summary, it is my responsibility as a teacher and education leader to inspire students, celebrate their diversity, and prepare them for their career. My passion for learning and teaching motivates me to challenge myself and continuously evolve.


The rewards are plentiful when measured by the success of one's students.

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